Asafe Pereira


Asafe Pereira is a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. His work focuses primarily on documentary work using 35 mm film cameras. 


Your work is very human focused, what do you try to capture in people?

I try to capture a moment of honesty between myself and my subjects. I appreciate vulnerability and want to explore that with other people as much as possible.

Can you describe your creative process?

My process is as much about photographing as it is about developing the film. The first step is finding the correct lighting and knowing how to manipulate it, if needed. From there, the process becomes much more physical. The film can be damaged throughout the developing process throughout the different stages. If the right chemicals aren’t used or if the developing time is off, a whole roll of film could be gone. Being precise and technical is the most important part of the process. 

Image: Asafe Pereira

Image: Asafe Pereira

Would you say you have a muse?

I tend to go through phases of photographing many of the same people over a period of time. I sometimes fixate on a subject because of the emotional context we share. Over a period of four years, I’d say I’ve had 3 people in which I have enthusiastically photographed for a long period of time. 

Do you actively work to keep your aesthetic the same, or try to mix it up between projects?

I find myself just shooting as much as possible and selecting the pictures in which I like the most. Projects tend to form over a period of time once I start to recognize a certain pattern in the pictures in which I have been taking. 

Image: Asafe Pereira

Image: Asafe Pereira

Ideally, at the end of your career, what do you hope to accomplish with photography?

I hope to generate emotion from the viewer. A feeling of both intimacy and familiarity that entices the viewer to project their own emotions and feelings on to the work, so that each photograph serves their needs. 

What other mediums of art are you interested in?

Letterpress! I enjoy the physicality and the attention to detail that it takes to come out with a print that is technically good.

Image: Asafe Pereira

Image: Asafe Pereira

What’s the most helpful critique you’ve ever received?

To learn how to self-edit. The viewer doesn’t need a plethora of the same subject with minimal changes. I would much rather have one good picture come out of a roll of film than put out 4 pictures that I just think are okay. Knowing whether or not the work you created is up to your standards is important to remember.


More of Asafe's work can be seen on his Website

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