Loes Koomen

koomen, don’t push and fragile balance, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 60x80cm each.jpg

Loes Koomen is a professional painter based in Amsterdam who specializes in abstract paintings. Her work is made using primarily acrylic paints and is known for its bold colors and minimalist aesthetic. We had a chance to speak with Loes about her work thus far.


Can you tell us a bit about how you started painting?

Drawing, painting, creating, all my life this was the only thing I wanted to do. I went to Academy for Fine Arts and Design to study painting, but at the age of 17, I was simply too young to become a painter, so I switched to design. After years of working successfully as an independent designer, I decided to return fulltime to my first love: painting

How did your aesthetic come to be? What is it that draws you to minimalist, geometric images?

When I chose to spend all my time painting again, it was important to me to feel no limitation of any kind. I wanted to give myself the space to discover my fascinations, strengths and power. During that period, it became clear what the subject was that kept me going: freedom, movement and the question of being included or excluded - in the tiniest and in the largest meaning. It was very important to me not to make this subject heavy, it had to be energetic to the max, teasing. Finally, for the best way to express this without telling a visible story in the painting, I had to use as little form as possible in combination with the most vibrant colors. What I like to achieve is inspiring people to feel that there is something more in the painting than just geometrical form and color without explanation, so they have room for their own interpretation. Judging by the reactions on Instagram, I think it works.

Image: Loes Koomen

Image: Loes Koomen

Can you walk us through your process of creating a finished piece from start to finish (concept, choosing materials, painting, etc.)? How long does each piece take you to finish?

The subject is in my head, and so are the forms I use, and of course I'm always looking around me. Often, I start working on my mac in the morning, at my studio, to compose and construct these ideas. When a new composition has the right tension, color and feel, I make a tiny print and choose the size I want to paint it in. It takes time to translate it from a small print to a large canvas. You have to adjust the form to create the same tension, and then the painting process starts, layer after layer. This requires great concentration and precision. It depends on the painting for how much time this process takes.

What is the most difficult aspect of painting, in your opinion?

To find your very own language/style to create and communicate what you want.

What inspires your painting?

Everyday life.

What kinds of tools are used in creating your pieces?

My mac, a pencil, rulers, good brushes and good paint.

Image: Loes Koomen

Image: Loes Koomen

Any upcoming projects that you can tell us about?

There will be an open studio by the end of September, and I will participate in a large Art Fair in Amsterdam by the end of this year (http://thisartfair.com/). My agent is busy organizing things for me for next year.

How would you like to see your work evolve over the next 5 years?

I like to think about tomorrow as little as possible. Stay in the day.


More of Loes' work can be seen on her Website and on Instagram

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