Princess Cyberspace


Princess Cyberspace is the multi-media project of model/electronica artist Rebecca L’Amore Morgiewicz.


How did your artist name come about?  

Prior to moving to Los Angeles, I worked in Boston/Berlin in mobile technology. I have always loved the internet and been fascinated with the future and science fiction. I was never allowed to have a television in my bedroom, but my parents got me a laptop when I was 12 years old.  Although I was very social and a part of the ‘popular’ crowd growing up, I had an extremely nerdy side that I never talked about which loved video games, computer games, and coding/design.  Also, I am very mixed (Filipina, German, Polish, Ashkenazi, Irish, etc.) and think that this look is very futuristic.  Princess Cyberspace came about because it was the only Instagram and domain name that was available that conveyed my alter-ego:  essentially the princess of the internet; or the princess of the future; of a globalized world with no boundaries or borders.

Image: Ryan Berg

Image: Ryan Berg

How do you think your fashion work and DJ work affect and influence one another?

I think that fashion and music are two art mediums that are very interconnected.  When I’m feeling too outlandish, I say to myself:  ‘I dress this way so that people listen to the music.’  I have always considered myself an artist.  Although I do not paint or draw very much, music and fashion are my medium. Both are a form of expression, and when they are combined, the message is even stronger than any single form of expression could be.

How has living in LA, Guam, and Rhode Island affected your aesthetic, both in modeling and in your music?  

Living by the ocean my whole life has greatly influenced my creativity.  I have been blessed to move around a lot, which has made me a more outgoing person.  My style is unique and quirky because I’ve pulled inspiration from my multiple different heritages and all of my travels.  Whenever I’ve moved to the new place, I had become used to being the the new/weird one.  I was also raised to be extremely accepting and open-minded, which is something that I think is missing from American culture right now. When people come to my sets, I want them to feel comfortable, welcome, and like they are having a good time.

Your sets have a very European vibe to them. What are your influences for your sets?  

My primary influence of my sets is Berlin warehouse techno. While working in tech, I was blessed with the opportunity to visit Berlin and fell in love with the warehouse techno scene. Furthermore, I love European culture.  Since Europe is much ‘older’ than America, we can learn a lot from their art.  I find that European music is much more sophisticated, and focused more on love and telling a story, whereas American music is primarily about sex and money. I can relate more to love and telling a story.

Where do you hope to see your work take you in the next 5 years?  

I would love to go on tour internationally, as most of my internet fans are in Europe, Asia, and Australia. I would also love to model for major fashion brands and campaigns.  My dream is to model for Vivienne Westwood before I die.

Image: Ryan Berg

Image: Ryan Berg

Living in LA no doubt provides for some crazy experiences. What’s the craziest thing you’ve experienced in your DJ/modeling career?  

Every day of my life is crazy to be honest. I think anyone who knows me personally and is reading this can atest to that. But one of the craziest experiences thus far was DJing for The Kaplan Twins’ “MAKE ME FAMOUS” art expo at De Re Gallery.  The combination of our fan bases’ was crazy!  People were coming up to me saying ‘Is this a night club, or an art gallery?!’ because the energy was so colourful, uplifting, and fun. It was like a new age disco party.

Any upcoming projects that you can tell us about?  

I’m not allowed to talk about much, but I can tell you that I am wrapping up a new single and music video, and coming out with my first 6-track EP, #CYBERPROPAGANDA (produced by Stelio Marshall) in 2018. We actually just shot the album artwork and press photographs with my favorite stylist from London. So stoked to share it with you! :)


More of Rebecca's work can be seen on her Website, SoundCloud, and on Instagram

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