Antonin Lefevre


Antonin Lefevre is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Brussels, Belgium. He graduated in 2016 from a master’s degree program in the field of editorial design from l’École de Recherche Graphique. Antonin now focuses his work mainly on illustrations, although he continues working in the field of graphic communication. Influenced by Bosch, Goya, Doré, Kubin, McQuarrie, Topor, Druillet, and many others, he shapes his visuals by drawing upon various topics, such as mythology, science-fiction, chess, and news, to name a few. Although he produces mainly digital drawings, he attaches great importance to designing on paper, through mediums such as wood-engraving, rotring, or graphite pencil. Another part of his work is dedicated to the editorial field, which includes his illustrations. Through a sharp aesthetic, stemming from a naked way of drawing, he composes satyric and irreverent scenes showing characters in a difficult physical positions.

How would you describe your aesthetic? What are your biggest influences?

It’s a sharp aesthetic, with nervous and round lines, to produce satyric and irreverent scenes. The choice of my aesthetic is based on my main influence, which is Rolland Topor, who gave me the passion of illustration. The fantasy scenes of Ralph McQuarrie also strongly influenced me with his interest in science fiction. The engaged production of Tomi Ungerer influenced my choice of subject. Finally, the work of graphic designer Robert Beatty has greatly sharpened my sense of composition.

Image: Antonin Lefevre

Image: Antonin Lefevre

How have your personal experiences contributed to the types of illustrations that you create?

First, by the travels that I have been able to make, which have been able to awaken me on new aesthetics, way of producing, history, etc. Also, by the people for whom I have been able to work. Indeed, when I start a graphic identity for a client, I always force myself to shape a world or an original story. It is the exercise that I give myself daily. I tell myself stories.

Image: Antonin Lefevre

Image: Antonin Lefevre

How long have you been illustrating?


What is the most difficult aspect of illustration, in your opinion?

From my point of view, the most difficult thing will be to make the image speak, to slip in a message, engaged or not, and to not just stop at a pretty drawing.

What has been your greatest accomplishment in terms of your illustration?

When I discovered that I could say what I wanted with my pencil, without a filter.

How would you like to see your work evolve over the next 5 years? Any upcoming projects that you can tell us about?

I would like to continue my activity as a graphic designer. It’s always a pleasure to design with text and image, and I hope to have expanded my professional fields to the press and publishing. This year, I have several projects. One is an exhibition of engraving and drawing with the subject of chess and pornography, and I’m currently leading an editorial project that brings together several illustrators around an original science fiction topic.


More of Antonin's work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

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