Marylou Faure


Marylou is a professional illustrator based in London whose work is know for its vibrant, quirky, and slightly provocative aesthetic.


What is one thing about illustration that you think people should know?

It’s everywhere, and you can have a lot of fun working on varied projects :)

How did you first get started making illustrations?

I’ve always loved drawing but working on illustrations started while I was studying at l’Esag Penninghen - My Master’s project consisted only of illustrations and animations!

Image: Marylou Faure

Image: Marylou Faure

Can you walk us through your creative process of making art?

I always start by writing down the brief (from the client or that I give to myself), and then I’ll start sketching out rough ideas on my notebook. Once there’s one that I think could work well, I clean it up, scan it and do the colour version using my graphic tablet and laptop. I will then post it on Instagram and other social media to promote it and create a case study for my Website and Behance portfolio.

Can you tell us about the Puck Collective and your role in it?

It’s a collective of illustrators/artist, and we occasionally meet up for a drink and talk about potential exhibition or group project we could do together. It’s a very nice way to also share each other’s experiences and sometimes we pass along projects and opportunities.

Image: Marylou Faure

Image: Marylou Faure

How has living in London affected your aesthetic and subject matter?

London is really thriving in terms of creativity and illustrations. There’s always something somewhere that will inspire me. The illustrators there are brilliant, and they have really shown me how crazy you can go, in terms of style and subject, and get away with it!

What is your favorite illustration that you’ve made thus far? Why?

I really like the illustration of the woman and the leopard called “Wild Love”. I think it’s quite fun and provocative, without revealing too much about the thought behind it :)

Image: Marylou Faure

Image: Marylou Faure

Any upcoming projects that you can tell us about?

I’m travelling a bit at the moment, in South East Asia, so I’d like to use that time to work on personal work about the new places I’m discovering. As for client work, I’m currently working on a few editorial illustrations, as well as a series of artwork for a packaging design. I’m also going to create some new pins and swimsuit design!

How do you hope to see your work progress over the next 5 years?

I’d like to have the opportunity to work on a massive personal exhibition/project, where I would take some time off client projects to really create something that is completely representing my style and character.

Image: Marylou Faure

Image: Marylou Faure

What would be your dream project to work on?

I’d love to work on a bigger scale project, that involves thinking of a particular space and environment. I love Camille Walala’s maze - something like that would be amazing!


More of Marylou's work can be seen on her Website and on Instagram


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