Anna Tratiug

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Anna Tratiug is a photographer based in Barcelona specializing in urban minimalist photography.


How did you get into minimalist photography?

It has been a slow process. When I bought my first camera I started shooting some street photography but soon I realized that it was not for me. Some months later I discovered the work of “The New Topography” photographers such as Robert Adams or Stephen Shore. I completely fell in love with their vision of the landscape, what they called “man-altered landscape”. From that moment my passion is to wander for hours with my camera seeking traces of human alteration in nature: huge impersonal buildings, lonely trees drowned in the asphalt, urban slum areas, abandoned factories, etc. In my late pictures I’ve focused my attention on the details. For example, facing a huge building I not only look at the overall set but also at the interesting details that make it distinctive: shadows, combinations of colors, pattern repetition, etc.

Do you think that there is a common theme that can be seen across your work?

As I said before, in my pictures I try to capture traces of human alteration in nature and to capture their finer side normally in soft colors. Those are the photos I like, the photos I look for when I leave home. However, sometimes I end up photographing something completely different. In my opinion, a lover of photography should never miss a scene or an object that caught his attention.

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Images: Anna Tratiug

Images: Anna Tratiug

What is your favorite photo that you’ve taken?

I don’t have a favorite was hard to do the selection for your page! ;-) But I have a top ten favorite pics that change as I go shooting.

Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

I’m currently preparing a small project that will try to question the aberrations that we are able to make with the natural resources to satisfy the tourist sector: ghost towns in winter...overcrowded in summer. 

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Images: Anna Tratiug

Images: Anna Tratiug

What do you think makes a great photograph?

Nowadays it is not so important to have a good camera to take great pictures because any mobile device gives a reasonable quality. In my opinion, to obtain good minimalist pictures the combination of the three elements: light, composition and colors must be tasteful and curated. When wandering the streets sometimes catches my attention a beautiful light, sometimes an attractive combination of elements, sometimes lovely colors...whichever is the dominant element, they have to be in harmony.

More of Anna's work can be seen on Instagram

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