Julie Wang

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Julie Wang is a photographer based out of Seattle who focuses on plants, leaves, and wildflowers. We had the opportunity to speak with her about her work thus far and her passion for photography.

How Did You Get Into Photography?

Back in 2000, my older brother bought a Nikon camera with a lens and some photography books. That was the first time I got a chance to hold a camera and see through that small window in it. Even though my brother did not allow me to really use his camera, I was attracted and amazed by the camera immediately. I read all of his photography books at that time without him knowing.

My very first handy shooting gear was an iPhone 4. I took many pictures with it. Now I have an iPhone 6s. In 2015, as a birthday gift, I got my very first camera, an Olympus OM-D EM-1 with several lenses.

What is your favorite subject matter to shoot?

The little things in nature. I specially love leaves. They have different shapes, colors, or textures. They have samsara. Currently flowers become another favorite subject, just to please my Mom.

Image: Julie Wang

Image: Julie Wang

Do you make use of natural light mostly? How important is the lighting condition when you're creating images?

When shooting studio still-life images, I shoot with artificial light. But, I prefer for most of my work to be shot with natural light.

I would like to say that lighting plays a dominant part in my photography. The light leads me to where my shooting subjects would be either in a open area or in a shady place. I look at my subjects, natural things, as a person. Each person has a different personality. By trying to properly use light to add or create some wanted mood or feeling to my subjects. Through my lenses, those plants or leaves are anthropomorphic and express their own personality poetically. That is my goal!

Any upcoming projects/series that you can tell us about?

I just realized that my son will turn 10 years old this summer, and I did not really shoot a lot with him. I am planning a project, just called-- One Boy, One Summer, Endless Nature (not the final name. still working on my whole idea with my son. He is the director of this project). I hope I could put my son and at least one nature thing together in each picture.

Image: Julie Wang

Image: Julie Wang

Who/What are your photography inspirations?

I love traditional Chinese painting a lot. The way to composition and focus on mood in Chinese painting really helps me to view this World as a photographer. I also love and get so much inspiration from the later 19th and early 20th century pictorialist style. I really admire Fan Ho, the ‘Henri Cartier-Bresson of the East’. His playing with composition and lights, and story-telling photographic works are my big love and endless inspiration.  I also love Andre Kertesz, Saul Leiter, and Ernst Haas. I collect all of their works that I could find in on Pinterest and keep viewing often.

Image: Julie Wang

Image: Julie Wang

Any future goals for your photography?

Very simple, try to shoot everyday!

What do you think separates an amazing photo from simply good images?

How the picture tells the story.

What’s your opinion on how social media has impacted your work and how you interact with fans of your work?

I believe social media is a useful tool for interacting with other like minded people all over the World.  I have been using Instagram for almost two years.  For me, it is the fastest and greatest place to share with people, and my photos get feedback. Many of my friends on Instagram are great photographers or photography enthusiasts. I cherish their comments and am open to their suggestions. I love when they message me to ask any kinds of questions. Many of my followers are extremely nice. Their complements really keep me going. I try my best to reply to their comments promptly.  It’s also a great place to learn and get inspiration from countless talented photographers all over the world. 


More of Julie's images can be seen on Instagram

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