Nick Prideaux


Nick Prideaux is an Australian photographer based out of Bangkok. His background includes studying Film Production and Screenwriting in Melbourne and working as a freelance director before moving to China and Japan. His photographic style is self-described as 'candid,' and his images are produced using 35mm color film and compact point-and-shoot cameras. 


How has your experience, being an Australian living in Bangkok, affected your photography?

I think living in Bangkok has provided me with a wonderful new palette of colors and light to play with as a photographer. The city itself is incredibly vibrant, and it’s a continual source of inspiration for me creatively, the pinks and blues that are so prevalent here have become part of what I love to shoot. I‘m also trying to emulate a little more of what I see around me, so much of my photography is about control and being specific about what I want to include in the frame - I think Bangkok has taught me to embrace the chaos a little more.

How did your aesthetic come to be? Are there influences?

Naturally it’s a combination of many things, but studying film in university helped me shape my eye. I always liked really ‘visual’ directors like Wong Kar Wai, Terrence Malick, and P.T Anderson. I think the biggest influences photographically would be Ren Hang, Wolfgang Tillmans and Lina Scheynius.  

Image: Nick Prideaux

Image: Nick Prideaux

Could you tell us a bit about your recent series Selected Ambience?

Selected Ambience (2013 - 2016) is a photographic series that was an accumulation of the last few years shooting and travelling in Japan, Turkey, Italy and Australia. It’s a personal collection, a selection of images that for me a the ‘little moments’ that get lost in the memory. For me, fleeting moments are so often forgotten - and this photographic series is trying to capture those little moments in time. The photographs were taken in various places across the world, but for me they are devoid of place - I like to think they exist in their own little world. This was also my first solo exhibition in Bangkok.

How would you describe your style?

Colorful, bright, gentle, understated.

Image: Nick Prideaux

Image: Nick Prideaux

Do you have any future projects in the works?

At the moment I am currently planning a group show with 2 friends that will be shown in Bangkok and Saigon later in the year. It’s still the very early stages, but I’m really excited about the prospect. I’m also hoping to put together a zine of my more recent work from the last 6 months or so.

What film stock do you prefer to use?

I try to shoot on Kodak Portra as much as I can, but recently I’ve been shooting mostly on AGFA Vista 200 film.

Image: Nick Prideaux

Image: Nick Prideaux

Any plans to move to digital for your future work?

No future plans, no. I shot digitally for a while when I lived in Melbourne and first moved to Japan but found I could never really get the ‘right’ images that I wanted. When I shifted over to film it was then I really found my passion for photography. Film forever.

More of Nick's work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

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