Sarah Müller


Sarah Müller is a photographer based in Berlin who specializes in minimalist, fine art, and architectural photography.


How has living in Berlin affected your aesthetic?

I think my aesthetic has become more bold. I am deeply influenced by the creativity of the city and the people I work with. Dealing with creatives of all types I have learned to be more confident about what I do and take risks at times. When I started shooting I was really much about simple aesthetics and muted colors or black and white. Also, my point of view has changed. I am more and more about interesting and unusual perspectives. Urban environments are perfect for this. The city is buzzing and I love the inspiration I can draw from it. I love patterns and colors as much as I never have before. Actually, moving to Berlin gave me the confidence to showcase my work online. However, shooting landscapes is still one of my favourites as it usually takes place when I travel.

Image: Sarah Müller

Image: Sarah Müller

How important do you think your mindset going into a day of shooting is for capturing images that you’re happy with, and how much do you think it’s chance?

Having a positive mindset is extremely important as you cope differently with problems you encounter during shootings. When you’re in a good mood it is easier for you to stick with an idea and keep finding solutions or just try different ways to achieve the result you’re looking for. Of course, having a positive mindset also gives you a different impression of the images you shot than looking at your shots when you’re feeling upset or just not in the mood.

What kind of gear do you use?

I still use my Canon EOS450D as well as a wide zoom lens and a tele zoom. When I am on the go and find something interesting, I don’t mind using my phone either

Image: Sarah Müller

Image: Sarah Müller

How did you get into photography?

I grew up with a dad deeply passionate about photography. I got my first camera when I was 6 years old and I had a lot of time to play around before being more serious about it. I think it actually took me about 10 years before I decided to go public with them. 

What are your goals in terms of your photography?

I wouldn’t say that I am planning to become a full-time photographer but I am still at the beginning of my career so-to-say, so I am just curious where photography takes me.

What is your favorite image that you have taken? Why?

I don’t think I have one single favourite image. One of my favourite images is the one below. I was on a boat trip on Lake Constance. The light was beautiful, kind of diffuse and beautifully tinted just before sunset. Suddenly there were around 10 seagulls approaching our boat. I took my camera and got quite a few nice shots of those seagulls before they disappeared.

Image: Sarah Müller

Image: Sarah Müller


Do you usually have a specific vision for your images before you take them, or does it come to you as you begin shooting?

When I have the time to scout locations beforehand I plan my images carefully but especially when it comes to landscape photography during travels it is pretty much about playing and working with something I have never seen before. This is actually what I find exciting about it. Aiming at shooting great images in a place that I don’t know is always challenging.

Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

I am currently planning a series that I am really looking forward to. Once it’s more clear I am happy to let you guys know. :)


More of Sarah's images can be seen on Instagram

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