Steve Wolf

Steve Wolf is a professional designer and illustrator based in Austin, Texas. His work is known for its modern aesthetic with hints of vintage influences.


How did you first get started making illustrations?

Growing up, I was always drawing and creating art, so taking on illustration work was an easy transition for me. When I was just starting out, I began to post some illustration work online during the start of my career and slowly gained a few projects to help build my portfolio. Even though my primary focus is on logo design and brand identity, I always find the time to work on personal illustration work.

What is one thing about illustration that you think people should know?

I was taught that having a diverse skillset as an illustrator can make you more versatile and more desirable to potential clients. My advice would be to make yourself well rounded in different styles and subject matter so you are more appealing to companies or agencies looking for creatives to work with.

Image: Steve Wolf

Image: Steve Wolf

Can you walk us through your creative process?

Every new project begins with talking to the client and making sure I have a clear understanding of what they are looking for. This is also the time where I ask as many questions as possible to make sure we are both on the same page. Once the client’s needs are discussed, research about the subject matter and style for the design begins.  Some of my favorite places to get design inspiration are from antique stores and vintage design books. After the research phase, I sometimes sketch my rough ideas onto paper or sketch directly on the computer using photoshop or illustrator. After my ideas are sketched out, I then start developing the composition I think will work the best and focus on execution. When I am satisfied with the design, I stop and analyze it to make sure everything has been covered and that it is balanced, unique, and well executed. As far as promoting a design, I usually post it on Instagram or places like Dribbble and Behance when it is completed.

Image: Steve Wolf

Image: Steve Wolf

Do you prefer to work in series or on single images?

I don’t have a preference really. They both have their benefits and are both fun to work on. It’s great to work on illustration series and single images because it adds variety to your work and mixes it up a little bit so you aren’t working on the same thing everyday.

How do you hope to see your work progress over the next 5 years?

I’d like to see my work push more boundaries and become more meaningful to others. I’d want my work to continue to develop and reflect the experiences I’ve gained over the years.

What would be your dream project to work on?

My dream project is working on something that truly feeds my passion of design. This could be anything from a complete restaurant branding project, packaging project, or logo design that gives me 100% creative freedom without restrictions. A project that also has a limitless production budget that would allow me to really push the boundaries of what can be created would also be nice!

Any other upcoming projects that you can tell us about?

I’m currently working on giving my personal website a refresh and will be launching mid-November. We’re hoping to open up an online store so keep an eye out!


More of Steve's work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram


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