Emmanuel Soulier


Emmanuel Soulier is a photographer based in Marseille, France who specializes in landscape and architectural photography.


How has living in Marseille affected your aesthetic?

Marseille has a lot to offer when it comes to photography. It’s a pretty big city with a great mix of cultures and a lot of interesting street scenes are going on. The architecture game is pretty strong with a mix of old and new constructions. It’s also in between sea, cliffs, and mountains.

Specially, golden light is pretty insane down here, I force myself to bring a camera with me and just randomly go out to shoot at dawn or sunset, well mostly sunset… I’m not a morning fella.

Image: Emmanuel Soulier

Image: Emmanuel Soulier

How did you first get into photography?

My family has always been travelling a lot and, since I was a kid, they have given me great chance to visit around the world with them. I quickly realized that a nice way to keep memories of those moments: discovering new cultures, peoples and scenes, is by simply taking a picture of them. Photography is a powerful medium, it can make a candid and very spontaneous moment last forever. I’ve been trying to manage this art for several years now, but I actually like to keep it simple, I’d rather walk around and randomly find something interesting to shoot than do some professional stuffs like using 5 flashes, light reflectors and what not.

What is your favorite photo that you’ve taken?

That’s a hard one fellas… I guess I’ll go for that fisherman I wanted to shoot while he was cleaning up his fishing nets. I was about to take a photo of him from behind, when, he probably heard me coming as my ninja skills are pretty close to non-existent. He turned back, looked at me and gave me that gentle smile. Great moment!

Image: Emmanuel Soulier

Image: Emmanuel Soulier

What’s the one place you wish to photograph the most?

Right now, Chefchaouen, Morocco comes first to mind. I’ve been dying to go there for several years. It looks surreal. I was so close to going there earlier this spring since my girlfriend went there with her classmates, but couldn’t make it… If I may add, Guanajuato and Mexico in general. My dad will move there for a while, so I hope I’ll be able to go there and shoot those vibrant colorful streets!

Who are your favorite photographers to follow at the moment?

I’ve been a huge fan of Eric Van Nynatten work, I recommend you to check his website and/or Instagram account. I would also add Joshua Allen Harris, Fred Mortagne, George Byrne, Niklas Porter to the list and many more...

What is one mistake that new photographers should avoid?

Don’t let social media tell you what to shoot. Find your own path young fella! Also, buy books instead of expensive gear you don’t really need.


More of Emmanuel's work can be seen on Instagram

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