Gerard Bosch


Gerard Bosch is an art director and photographer based in Barcelona. His work focuses on minimalist architecture and geometric shapes.


How would you describe your photographic style?

My style is quite neat and minimalist, there is always a heavy geometric aesthetic. I photograph things that I see in my daily life, urban landscapes, architecture, details, and scenery that apparently are out of interest. I use my smartphone a lot, so I'm always alert and paying attention to things that catch my eye.

When creating images, do you usually have a project/series in mind, or do you just shoot things that interest you?

When I'm shooting I have nothing planned in my mind. In my work as an art director I always work with ideas, concepts, and functionality to solve communication problems. However, when I take photos it's the opposite, it is an escape route for me. I only get carried away by the aesthetics and the abstraction of shapes, colors and geometry, as if what I am capturing was an abstract painting.

Image: Gerard Bosch

Image: Gerard Bosch

What do you think is the key to making strong minimalist images?

For me, the tools you are using, the camera and the equipment is not important. The most important thing is to have sensitivity, to be aware of what is going on around you and to play with the geometry, shapes, combination of colors and tones, etc.

Image: Gerard Bosch

Image: Gerard Bosch

Who/what are your influences in creating images?

During my time as an art and design student I was fascinated with the Bauhaus school, the International Typographic Style or Swiss Style and De Stijl. I think that has influenced a lot in both my job as a designer and in the photographs I make. I was also amazed by many of the artistic avant-garde movements such as dadaism, surrealism, constructivism, suprematism, futurism ... Artists like Josef Müller-Brockmann, Theo van Doesburg, Max Bill, László Moholy-Nagy, Kazimir Malévich, etc also meant a lot to me when starting my career.

Do you think that looking through the viewfinder allows you to see the world differently?

To a certain extent yes. Photography has changed my habits and how I see what is around me. Having the hobby of taking pictures makes me much more observant than I already am. Sometimes I see myself in the middle of the city photographing a garbage bin that has caught my attention, or an old ugly façade that any town hall would want to get rid of, and I see people looking at me as if I was crazy. The truth is that it's fun, maybe the crazy ones are the ones who are not able to see beauty anywhere.

Where do you hope to see your photography take you in the next 5 years?

I don't have any aspirations in that regard. I take photos because I like to do that and I really enjoy those moments. I only use Instagram to share my work and my vision to anyone that might be interested. I don't obsess about the followers that I have, and I'm not interested in make people like me, although I will not deny that one day I would like to make an exhibition. A little bit of ego is always good and motivating, but it is not something that obsesses me. I do it because I like it! Let’s shoot and have fun!


More of Gerard's work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

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