Matt Eynon


Matt Eynon is a street and documentary photographer based in Swansea, Wales. He is a Geologist with a passion for photography, shooting primarily on Leica rangefinders with a combination of prime lenses (28mm, 35mm, and 50mm).


How would you describe your photographic style?

Not sure! Some have said that there’s quite often humour in my images and I always hunt out good light.

When creating images, do you usually have a project/series in mind, or do you just shoot things that interest you?

Sometimes I’m solely focused towards a project, but for streets anything goes.

What is it about rangefinders, as opposed to DSLR and SLR cameras that fascinates you? Any added difficulties that come with using rangefinders?

I’ve only ever used mirrorless cameras and have never owned an SLR. I love that with my Leicas, I can use the same M lenses on cameras from the 1950’s onwards. The technical challenge of mastering hyperfocal distances and understanding exposure appealed to my serious side, but they also give you such speed in taking candid shots. The main challenge for me in using rangefinders is thinking about parallax error (this is to do with the offset of the viewfinder from the lens).

What do you think is the key to making strong images?

For me, composition is important and something I’m working on all the time. You’ve got to get close and you’ve got to be quick.

Who/what are your influences in creating images?

I’m always looking at Magnum - David Hurn, who also lives in Wales, is a massive source of inspiration.

Image: Matt Eynon

Image: Matt Eynon

What’s your favorite photograph that you’ve taken?

This is a hard one. I really like the clown chasing the woman street image from this year, but I’d probably have to say a more recent documentary shot as I’ve had a long pause in this particular project during which time I’ve been mulling over what/where to go next.

Image: Matt Eynon

Image: Matt Eynon

Do you think that looking through the camera allows you to see the world differently?

Not differently for me, but it makes you more aware of things that are and are about to happen. It gives my mind a rest from the technical and methodical process of my role as a geologist.

Any upcoming projects you can share with us?

#21stcenturyestuary is ongoing and I’m looking for the next short or long project. Hopefully a photo essay if I can find a writer to team up with.


More of Matt's work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

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