Eyelid Kid


Eyelid Kid is an electronic music artist based in Los Angeles, California. Having roots in Austin, Texas, Eyelid Kid has quickly made a name for himself in the indie electronic community and is currently working on his second album titled 'Sophomore.'


How did you first get into creating and producing your own music? What has the journey been like from the first track you made up until now?

When I was 13, I put a gaming headset microphone inside an acoustic guitar and started recording. So, you could say the journey has been experimental and has come a long way from my teenage years. There is no “right way” to create something out of nothing, so I tend to just follow my intuition and trust that it will get me to where I need to be.

Your listeners have gotten a taste of what’s to come on your upcoming album, ‘sophomore’ with your single ‘Rosegøld.’ What can listeners expect to see with the new album?

I think overall, sonically, 'Sophomøre' will sound similar to 'Rosegøld,' yet listeners can expect a deeper dynamic range and more lyrical content.

Image: Ryan Berg

Image: Ryan Berg

What have been your biggest influences for your music? How would you say it has evolved over the last few years?

Generally, anything that feels original and “groundbreaking” through music or any other creative outlet. Lately, I’ve gravitated towards artists who are on an underground level but are undeniably on the up and up. To list a few: Roy Woods, BROCKHAMPTON, Rex Orange County, Simian Ghost.

What was it like to see ‘Rosegold’ come alive in your recent music video? What does the video mean to you?

It quite literally is like seeing your inner child’s imagination come to life. There is never a time while making music that I’m not thinking of how it would translate visually. With Rosegøld in particular. I felt strongly that a music video would help listeners better understand the track’s vibe. Another cool thing about it is that even I’m not exactly sure what it will look like until I’ve gone through the motions of creating it. It is sort of like what it is meant to be is already there, and by shooting/producing it, we are just slowly unfogging the lens in which we see it.

How has the transition from Austin to LA affected your music, both conceptually and from a technical standpoint?

I believe that we are products of our environment, and I think that in time that will resonate clearly through my music. However, I also traveled quite a lot in 2017, and I plan to continue pulling inspiration from the places I visit. Technically not too much has changed. I’m blessed to be able to make music from my home with whatever equipment I have.

Since you’ve moved to LA, you’ve gotten more into acting and have even starred in a short film with renowned photographer Tyler Shields. What has the experience been like getting into acting and how do you think your acting and music affect one another?

I love it so far. It’s new and much like music, I’m excited to see where it goes! I think the two go hand-and-hand and will collectively help me reach new heights.

Image: Ryan Berg

Image: Ryan Berg

What are your biggest goals for the next 5 years of your career? Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

I don’t really make long term goals. I’d rather just keep my head down and work on what’s in front of me. However, I’ve come a long way in the last five years, so I guess I could expect just as much. In short; More music, more acting, more fashion, more life.


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