30 Days

The 30 Days / 30 Characters series was thought as a personal way to challenge myself on a creative level. As the name implies, the 30 Days challenge would require me to create an original character every day of the month, these characters drew inspiration from diverse topics and concepts which were of my interest. Amongst these are RPG Games, music genres, robots, religion, Japanese and Peruvian culture and Internet Culture. The project was documented daily on my Instagram page @mutestagram. The whole project was Featured on Behance’s main curated gallery and has had an overall great reception.

Foreword by Nathaniel Rueda


About the Artist

Nathaniel Rueda or MUTE is an illustrator and graphic artist based in Peru. His workstyle is characterized for its high detail, vibrant colors and unique characters. His influences are varied, ranging from peruvian culture, hip hop, indie and jpop music, videogames and animation.

His work has been on display in exhibits such as the Pictoplasma Academy All-Stars exhibit in 2016 (Berlin), Poptales in 2017 (Berlin) and Bikeart 2017 (Athens) and the –IING Creatives Festival (Dubai) as an exhibiting artist. His work has also been featured in media like Get Inspired Magazine, Domestika, Creative Tempest and the main curated Behance Gallery, Illustration Gallery and Wacom Gallery.


IllustrationRyan Berg