New Day New Way

Sailing around the Arabian fjords, staring at the various shapes of skyscrapers, finding patterns in the sand and trying to getting used to the heat of the desert were moments that really inspired me to capture. When it comes to analog photography, there is no chance for corrections or second takes, but that’s the beauty of it and I absolutely love the whole process.

Series and Foreword by Dora Kontha


About the Artist

"All the places I have been to, the people I have met, and the landscapes that took my breath away shaped me in some way; appreciating the smaller things in life, being more aware of the environment and paying attention to details are just really a few to mention. Over the years, documenting my trips also became a vital part of my life, as I want to immortalize special moments, so they will never fade away."

Dora Kontha is an analogue photographer who specializes in wide open spaces, rough nature, and undiscovered Nordic landscapes. Her work focuses on the form of unreal nature. She creates melancholic and dramatic photographs with traditional film cameras and expired 35mm film in pursuit of feelings of freedom and wanderlust. Dora currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

PhotographyRyan Berg