Artwork by Guillaume Chiron

Guillaume Chiron is a French artist known for his surreal, colorful artwork. In his artistic approach, he mixes the real with the unreal, the known with the unknown. First, his art is deconstructed by multiple samples in a body of images produced and made available by the cultural industry. Then, he reconstructs and projects a new world, by selecting and bringing together some of these fragments. Sometimes, chance meets his work, and the magic operates. The lines of leaks follow each other and the perspectives coincide. New scenes appear, funny or incongruous, strange and reflexive. Guillaume Chiron produced many of his supernatural images under the influence of 1950's and 1960's cinema. The visual artist plays with size and the monstrous. There is an obvious attachment to a staging and for special effects made in an intuitive and artistic way, and we can easily understand why most of its sources are ostensibly vintage. Even drawn from their respective contexts, the materials used naturally extend their power of historical evocation. They urge the viewer to experience space and time.


More of Guillaume's work can be seen on his Website

Etc.Ryan Berg