Garbage Culture

It's not new information that our planet is full of garbage. Our fields, forests, rivers and oceans are full of non-recycled waste that will remain there for many years. Aside from just looking outrageous, it poses a serious threat to wildlife who either confuse it as food or get stuck in it accidentally. At the moment, there is no real solution to this situation, and until it comes, it is on all of us to reduce the amount of our non-recyclable waste that ends up around the necks of wild animals.

About The Artist

I’m a freelance illustrator living in-between capital Vilnius and a little cob house deep in the woods of Lithuania. I have studied architecture at Vilnius Academy of Arts and worked in the sustainable architecture field. Luckily, I understood that it’s not for me and started to illustrate and work on various creative projects. My goal as an illustrator is to create works that catch your eye and make you think before scrolling down.

As I spend most of my free time in wild nature, sustainability and nature protection are extremely important topics to me, and I try to talk about them as much as possible with my illustrations. Garbage Culture is one of my several personal projects from these series.


Series and Foreword by Eglė Plytnikaitė




IllustrationRyan Berg