Artwork by Sabrina Pohl

Sabrina Pohl is a German artist currently living and working in Vienna. Main elements of her work display water as well as space depth like void, whereas it is her prime intention to create space. She used to live in Italy and Egypt and states that her memories of these places are incorporated in her pictures. Specializing in shape showing art that manifests itself in abstract painting, she devotes herself to collage and graphic art while indicating through her subtle messages that life is not only to be perceived through the opening of one’s eyes. By means of her artworks, Sabrina refers back to the journey one has to go on in order to dissolve the search, or, in the words of American writer Flannory O’Connor: “I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.” Adobe Stock ranked among her sponsors and in the beginning of 2017, her art was shown at the Men’s Fashion Week in New York in collaboration with a prestigious designer. The collection was featured among others in Highsnobiety, Mentalmagazine and Visual Tales.


More of Sabrina's work can be seen on Instagram

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