Regularly Scheduled Program

Everyone has a routine. Whether they last a moment or ride throughout the day, we find comfort in the familiarity.  But when we're forced to see the same places and objects, day in and day out, it's hard to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. 'Regularly Scheduled Program" is a series of photographs taken in the most common places which we tend to overlook and see as average. Sometimes it's our daily routines that have the most beauty in them. You just have to want to see it.

About the Artist

When she’s not stuck in the van during long drives on a rock n’ roll tour, Aurore Ounjian is trying to get lost in each city, searching for her next photograph. If it was once colorful but now sun-bleached, aged but not quite an antique, or if it’s just a little bit of ugly, Ounjian finds beauty in the bleak and captures it in her photographs, hoping to show others that there is magic in the mundane- including laundry day and that empty fast food joint at 3 A.M.


More of Aurore's work can be seen on Instagram

PhotographyRyan Berg