Le Who's Who Des Grandes Personnes

'Le Who's Who Des Grandes Personnes' is a book conceived by Editions Milan, who wanted something showing various characters and explaining the clothes and accessories they have. It turned out to be quite a difficult exercise in finding a balance between drawing on people's expectations, and questioning harmful stereotypes. I wanted to make sure the viewers would understand the characters they were viewing, but wanted to include accuracies in what the characters are wearing, and also sometimes questioning the notions of male or female dominated professions. I also didn't want the book to feel too contrived, so I have fun with the characters including superhero and geek, and some characters are exactly what somebody might expect too. I'm hoping it will be a fun and interesting read for kids in France, and that anybody hoping to learn a bit of french, might pick it up and have a look through too.

Foreword and Series by Owen Davey

IllustrationRyan Berg