Dreamy Imagery by Shreya Gupta

Shreya creates charmingly whimsical and at times unsettling illustrations that make you want to know more. The ideas are inspired by her experiences, stories that she reads, and current events that are happening around her. She often times uses metaphors as part of her narrative to show an idea. Here the images explore old age, fantastical cities, scrutiny, escape, and forgotten memories.


About the Artist

Shreya Gupta is an Indian illustrator based in New York. She received her MFA in Illustration as Visual Essay from the School of Visual Arts. Her illustration work explores fantastical themes, and she aims to create a different world in her illustrations. Along with textures and patterns, Shreya has an odd love for lines. Apart from drawing, Shreya loves to travel and never holds back from trying new cuisines.


More of Shreya's work can be seen on her Website and on Instagram

IllustrationRyan Berg