Deepweb Traveller

Modern societal utopia could be argued to be a dystopia;  the definition has become more ambiguous. Deep Web Traveller tells the story of modern anarchists, and how they realize their own utopia. The ‘deep web’ or ‘dark web’ is an uncharted part of the Internet that, due to its essentially untraceable nature, is a haven for various forms of illegal activity, such as drug trading, child pornography, snuff films, and beyond. When we consider the deep web, we generally only think about the negative aspects. 

However, I want to discuss its optimistic facets. The deep web can be a utopia for anarchists and dissidents. As governments cannot trace individuals, it serves as a safe platform for those who may be whistle blowing, or leaking news from countries experiencing conflict or with little freedom of speech and information.


About the Artist

Eunjoo Lee is a Korean illustrator and textile graphic designer based in Glasgow, Scotland. Her subject is diverse, but she is especially interested in modern society's utopia and dystopia. Eunjoo's work has been recognized for international awards such as AOI, American illustrator, 3x3 awards and others. Having graduated from Glasgow School of Art, she now runs her own studio called Polar-Blue-Bird


More of Eunjoo's work can be seen on her Website and on Instagram

IllustrationRyan Berg