Fantasy Consumer

Utopia has special meaning for the contemporary man.  In the end of utopia, Krishan Kumar said that modern man could consume their own fantasy, and consuming their fantasy their utopia come true. But I think the meaning of this is more close to fantasy, or paradise than utopia. So I will call this “Fantasy consuming”. We can easily find the example of fantasy consuming, through mass media, and fantasy consuming is usually connected with social problems.

In capitalism, even people can realize their own fantasy using currency, however we can’t neglect negative effects. It is impossible to be happy forever, so we can’t call fantasy consuming is utopia.

There are lots of reasons why humans can’t be happy with their fantasy. Before, In Bertrand Russell’s speech , that actual human nature prefer to be live in the wild than in the stable, so great number of people are happier during war. If people feel instant happiness by fantasy consuming, they are never satisfied with that, they need more happiness. So fantasy consuming connected with addiction, can produce negative effects.

In my story, The girl always takes sleeping pills to fall a sleep. And this pill help to reach her own utopia. She didn't relized her dreams are connected with her reality, but one day she had dream, and she chased by devil. And she finally know that devil was her and she wakes up. 

I wanted to reinterpret the modern society through her dream. I developed my story more firmly and reasonably, based on lots of research, and trying to connect Jung’s concept of the unconsciousness and consciousness; I wanted to show her inner mind and external at the same time. 


About the Artist

Eunjoo Lee is a Korean illustrator and textile graphic designer based in Glasgow, Scotland. Her subject is diverse, but she is especially interested in modern society's utopia and dystopia. Eunjoo's work has been recognized for international awards such as AOI, American illustrator, 3x3 awards and others. Having graduated from Glasgow School of Art, she now runs her own studio called Polar-Blue-Bird


More of Eunjoo's work can be seen on her Website and on Instagram

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