Illustrations by Bruno Espínola Manríquez

My work as an illustrator is mainly focused on the human as an anonymous and complex being, and their interaction with surreal scenarios where geometric figures coexist and
harmonize with abstract elements. Everything is brushed by soft pastel colors and a protagonist black. This series of illustrations reflects my current stay in the extreme north of my country, Chile, in a city where the sea and desert converge and there's a predominant Andean culture. The representation of the diverse landscapes, fishermen and farm workers are exhibited in my drawings. The culture of the extreme north of Chile is also a main focus illustrated within themes such as sex and religion.

About the Artist

Bruno Espínola Manríquez is a freelance illustrator from Chile living on the coast, always trying to absorb the different cultures and enviroments that surround him. Bruno aims to represent these themes in his surrealist drawings. Creativity is his principal daily meal.


More of Bruno's work can be seen on Instagram and on Behance

IllustrationRyan Berg