Illustrations by Alva Skog

Art and illustration is a way for me to communicate, express and question ideas and ideals. For me, illustration and art is a powerful (political) tool and I want people reflect on things that we take for granted, such as gender in-equality and hidden racism. My wish is to highlight and challenge social issues in society and contribute to the much-needed diversity in media and advertising.


About the Artist

Alva Skog is an illustrator and graphic designer from Stockholm, Sweden, currently studying my last year at Central Saint Martins in London, UK. In 2017, she won a yellow pencil in the D&Ad New Blood Awards. Alva's work has been exhibited twice at Cluster Arts Illustration edition II and III in Shoreditch, London, UK.


More of Alva's work can be seen on her Website and on Instagram

IllustrationRyan Berg