Illustrations by Debbie Wong

Drawing inspiration from street fashion, Japanese anime, and nature, Debbie Wong’s illustrations explore a surreal world under the moniker “beetlebob” where the line between creatures and humans blurs under a symbiotic scope. Whimsical characters greet you and sometimes flip you off as you traverse farther into beetlebob’s world. With simple ink lines and occasional highlights, beetlebob creates an eye-catching body of minimalist work that sparks humor and curiosity.

Blending a sense of the strange and the familiar, Debbie’s art reflects her childhood transition from Taiwan to Chicago in a way that captures her imaginative spirit and a heartfelt wonder for the world around her. The aesthetics and themes in her work are drawn from beloved elements from both cultures to create a comforting space for the world to connect with her energy.

Welcome home.


More of Debbie's work can be seen on her Website and on Instagram

IllustrationRyan Berg