Urban Suprematism

In my series ‘Urban Suprematism’ I wanted to combine the visual language of graphic design and photography, using two skill sets. I studied graphic design, and I’m interested in abstract photographs, like the works of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, so I started researching the connections between abstract photography and the traditional art forms like painting, and graphic design. The series is a study of the meeting points of constructivist and suprematist art and urban minimalist photography. We can find similar elements in both of them, focusing on basic geometric forms, such as squares, circles, and diagonal lines. I found that these art compositions are re-constructable in everyday urban landscapes in a two-dimensional graphic form.


About the Artist

Balázs Csizik is a visual artist based in Budapest, Hungary. He obtained his degree in Visual Communication from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Creating visual identities is a complex design process for him: he is always planning and executing creative concepts in the light of this. Balázs draws his influences from modern architecture, brutalism, and various art forms such as suprematism and constructivism.


More of Balázs' work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

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