Illustrations by Giulia Pelizzaro

About the Artist

Giulia Pelizarro is also an Italian illustrator and graphic design artist who currently resides in Amsterdam. She grew up in Mestre, a small city near Venice and she graduated with a degree in architecture at IUAV, Venice. Her passion for art started from an early age, during which she kept perfecting her drawing skills up until this day. Giulia portrays her art on various surfaces, such as wood, canvas, paper and cement walls. Her preferred art tools are markers and paint, and primarily uses turquoise, pink, yellow and black hues in her art pieces. With her art, she portrays ordinary situations, combined with contemporary concepts and an added twist of irony. Her illustrations include crowded scenes with bizarre and odd shapes and wavy lines.


More of Giulia's work can be seen on her Website and on Instagram

IllustrationRyan Berg