Dear Diary

In 2014 and 2016, I spent some time at home with my two children. I started to document our daily life by trying to make a drawing of some situations or interesting things I had seen during the day. Even the most mundane daily life has funny, weird or bizarre situations. The series was awarded a Silver Award by the Finnish graphic designers association in 2014.

From the jury:

An illustrated diary that, although wordless, expresses emotions strongly. The images are beautiful, skillfully made, even and of high quality. The inwardly directed atmosphere of the illustrations contains many insights and emotions of the moment. In this work life is present in a fascinating way.


About the Artist

My name is Daniel Stolle. I am a German/Finnish illustrator. I have been working in illustration since 2007. My main field has been editorial illustration, but I have also made drawings for animated films, book covers, packaging and everything in between. Over the years I have worked on about 500 illustration projects.


More of Daniel's work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

IllustrationRyan Berg