Collages by Constanza Aravena

Using a variety of images compiled in years of work as a graphic designer, Constanza Aravena's digital collage takes elements of fashion photography, architecture and nature imagery to create surreal, sometimes absurd images. Constanza tries to rescue beauty, textures, depth and a narrative in photographs sometimes discarded, giving them a second chance in the process of remixing and re-signifying them. 


About the Artist

Constanza Aravena is a Graphic Designer and Artist from Santiago, Chile currently living in Los Angeles, California. After working for ten years in Fashion Advertising as an Art Director for different brands and as a fashion writer for different blogs, she started focusing on art and digital collages in 2016, when she starts producing new artwork on a regular basis. She explores the connotations and significance of beauty and womanhood in our modern world, using nature, architecture and especially, fashion imagery through digital and sometimes handmade and fabric collage.


More of Constanza's work can be seen on her Website and on Instagram

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