Candy Rotterdam

I got really inspired by Rotterdam's amazing architecture. It has very unique buildings, patterns and shapes which I got very excited about. So I took my bike, my camera and my passion to explore. 

Using two different ways of editing pictures gave me the opportunity to support the unexpected geometry and the positive summer vibe of the city with pastel colours on the one hand and a simple clear blue sky on the other.


About the Artist

I'm Simone Hutsch aka heysupersimi. I'm a 25-year-old graphic designer and a self taught architecture photographer from Berlin, Germany and currently living in London, UK. I got into architecture photography when I studied graphic design in my hometown Berlin. Exploring the geometry in buildings triggers my imagination and inspires me.

A building can inspire me in many different ways, with its pattern, colour or shape. 
The perspective has a crucial role. I'm always impressed by how the geometry of a building changes when you change your point of view. Every building in my pictures has surreal touch. In a retouching process I sometimes create a completely new building. 

However, I usually have a vision of the final image when I take a photo and it makes me happy when I can inspire people. This is why I share my work on Unsplash and make it accessible for everyone.


More of Simone's work can be seen on her Website and on Instagram

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