A House, A Home

In the series, A House, A Home, I isolate ubiquitous household objects as a way to begin to investigate traditions of domestic American life. My observations are rooted in my own personal indulgences, expectations, and questions, as well as how I see myself existing within this larger system. I'm interested in revealing some of the complex layers of this shared cultural vernacular through pairing the familiar with the unexpected and creating anticipation that is never quite resolved. The interventions and style of capture re-contextualize the objects as a way to challenge traditional domesticity and to pose questions about convention, consumption, and convenience as staples of American popular culture. 

Image Titles (Shown in order):

1. Self-Reflection, 2017 2. Head in the Clouds, 2017 3. Vitamins & Minerals, 2017 4. Quench, 2017 5. Egg Timer, 2017 6. Go with the Flow, 2017 7. 32nd Resolution, 2017 8. Stability, 2017 9. 5,000 Words (Down the Rabbit Hole), 2018 10. Life of the Party, 2017 11. One Way or Another, 2017 12. Well-Read, 2017 13. Absorb, 2016 14. Trouble in Paradise, 2017 15. Recreation, 2017 16. Tip of the Tongue, 2017 17. Rose-Colored Glasses, 2018 18. Cookie Cutter, 2017 19. Both Sides, 2017 20. Cannot Predict Now, 2017 21. Days of Our Lives, 2018 22. Fool's Gold, 2018 


About the Artist

Bree Lamb is an artist, educator and editor based in New Mexico. She received her MFA in Photography from the University of New Mexico. Bree is a Beaumont Newhall/Van Deren Coke Fellow and is represented by Gallery 19 in Chicago. She is the Managing Editor of Fraction Magazine, Project Manager at Fraction Editions and Visiting Faculty at New Mexico State University. Bree has previously worked for Wildenstein & Company, The Center for Photography at Woodstock, Fovea Exhibitions, and photo technique Magazine.


More of Bree's work can be seen on her Website

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