Gold Soundz

These images were created by a much younger, barely recognizable version of myself. The last drawing I made was in September 1994 when I was 29 years old. At that point I just stopped drawing.

I recently retrieved the work from storage and started posting some images online under the nom de plume Gold Soundz. The name has no particular significance; it was simply the first thing I thought of. I also like listening to Pavement.

The drawings inhabit a void somewhere between fine art and illustration. Maybe that is why they haven’t generated any traction in either of these domains.

Apart from an interest in the human form, (particularly the head), there is no intentional theme or narrative in any of the pictures. The approach was to extemporize; in much the same way a musician might follow a theme without premeditation. A starting place might be a magazine clipping, one of my own photographs, or a work from art history, but the image would soon deviate from its point of origin.

There are some fairly clear influences such as Francis Bacon and the early graphic work of David Hockney. Less obvious may be Andrei Tarkovsky, Jorge Luis Borges, Luis Buñuel, Philip Guston, Max Ernst and Goya.

The work was created under a strict routine. I set myself the task of drawing for a minimum of four hours a day most days of the week. To facilitate this, I used a stopwatch. If there was a break or any interruption, the stopwatch stopped until I was ready to work again. To that end, creativity was often the reluctant slave of labor.


Illustrations and Foreword by Bill Reid

IllustrationRyan Berg