Water Series

One's body is the vessel we carry ourselves around in, shifting and fluctuating as we as people grow and shift and change. While many media outlets try to commodify that vessel, forcing it into a different shape, forcing it to hold more here, less there, I instead wanted to liberate the body from that perspective. An anatomical study using different glass containers filled with water to distort the human shape, my water series was about removing the sexual connotation from the body, and instead using it as an additional geometric shape within the frame.

About the Artist

Mitchell Allison is a visual artist / creative type based out of Los Angeles, California. His work takes an abstract and absurd queer perspective on the body, sex, and sexuality. He works in both photography and mixed media collage, shooting exclusively on 35mm film. He says hello.

More of Mitchell’s work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

PhotographyRyan Berg