Collages by Begoña Pastoriza

My collage work was born from my experience as a drawer, photographer, and visual designer. In it, I have found a way to merge several of my artistic concerns.My professional facet as web designer and my passion for art in general and for contemporary art in particular, as well as my predilection for abstraction, light and minimalism, lead me to dedicate my days almost entirely to the observation of the image in any of its forms, its analysis and for the search of solutions.

Through the collage, I try to work on topics of my interest and personal concern, such as science and the origin of species, cultural diversity, the empowerment of women and issues of denunciation or social concern such as racism, the violence and the use of arms, or psychological illnesses. I like to create some concern to the observer, for example with the use of vibrant colors or distorting the human or animal figure not showing his face or other part of his body, using as a contrast a minimalist composition, sometimes sweet or quiet, with Surrealist tints. Actually, I seek to create some concern to the observer so that he enjoys what he sees but also asks himself questions.

About the Artist

Begoña Pastoriza is a multidisciplinary artist based in La Coruña (Galicia), Spain who works as a UX / UI designer for nationally and internationally important companies like Inditex and the United Nations. Another of her passions is photography, being a founding member of one of the first Photographic Associations in her city ten years ago and coordinating one of the most important photographic events at the Autonomic Level of photography in 2011, such as "Outono Fotográfico,” A Coruña, together with the curators and organizers Xacobe Meléndrez and Benito Losada. She has participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions at national and international level.

More of Begoña’s work can be seen on Behance and on Instagram

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