Journey is a visual adventure story set in a fantasy Joseon. Each illustration depicts a part of the journey. I wanted each image to show different emotions for each of the characters, closeness, friendships, love, etc. In the Joseon era these kinds of emotions had to be kept close to the chest, so small moments such as sharing food or drinks is meaningful.

The style I wanted to create for this project was something that looked like a mix of paper and low-poly art. Sharp, flat edges. Great amounts of detail but simple shapes. Color was very important as well, I played with strong background colors to change the mood and make the character pop out against them.

About the Artist

Ben RC is a Canadian illustrator and 3D artist living in Korea. This year marks his 20th anniversary as a 3D artist. He started as a character artist in the game industry, and now creates illustrations to tell stories.

More of Ben’s work can be seen on Instagram and Behance

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