The series of works of "kartochki" is inspired by tarot cards and similar attributes. In this project, I did not give any interpretations and meaning in the cards. They are absolutely meaningless and absurd. There was an emphasis on this. Only mood.

Image Titles (Shown in order):

1. Box, 2019 2. Insolent, 2019 3. The Old Man, 2019 4. Sword, 2019 5. Spider, 2019 6. The Recluse, 2019 7. The Fugitive, 2019 8. Soil, 2019 9. Anxiety, 2019 10. The Void, 2019

About the Artist

Kesha Astafyev (Spoon Tar) is  an illustrator from Khabarovsk, Russia. He is engaged in character illustration, creating backgrounds for animation and drawing comics on a non-commercial basis. Through his work, Kesha tries to create strange characters in a strange setting.

More of Kesha’s work can be seen on Behance and on Instagram

IllustrationRyan Berg