Glowing City

In this series, I am inspired by the very colorful sunsets in Sochi, where the sun sets behind the black sea horizon. Perhaps for this reason, during sunset, you can observe such hot colors. I amplified the glow effect to convey all the magic I feel when I look at this beauty.

About the Artist

I am inspired by cyberpunk culture, science fiction in film and literature. Nature and music occupy a special place. I walk a lot in nature listening to electronic music in genres: idm, ambient and techno.
Music has become an important part of my life. Sometimes I work as a DJ and write music myself. 
One of the most important goals for me at the moment is to create a short art film.

Local Preacher (Slava) was born in Siberia (Northern Russia) but has lived for a long time in Minsk, Belarus and is now based in Sochi (Southern Russia) on the Black sea coast. His first favorite activity was drawing. Over the years, Slava has taken his drawing to new form, editing his photographs.

More of Local Preacher’s work can be seen on Behance and on Instagram

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