World Underwater

A frightening amount of people choose not to believe in climate change, and those who do may have a hard time imagining its effect on our planet. Inspired by a trip to Venice, Italy, the series World Underwater explores the future of Earth. It imagines our world absolutely overwhelmed by global floods and rising waters. While the series is surreal and dreamy, it is also meant to evoke sadness and desolation. The goal is to generate discussion about and create awareness of a very real issue: climate change and rising sea levels.

About the Artist

Hayden Williams is a film photographer who specializes in multiple exposures. More recently, Hayden has been exploring the field of 3D art. While his medium may evolve, Hayden will continue to create surreal and dreamy images.

More or Hayden’s work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

PhotographyRyan Berg