Balkan Royal

What was the experience like making Balkan Royal? How did it come about?

The year is 2015, at home we have a piano and we haven’t got any skills to play on it so we have decided to get rid of it somehow. We primarily used it as something to put stuff on. We live in a block, on the last (4th) floor, without an elevator. That is a challenge. Everyone who has a piano knows what I am talking about. At that moment, Rozaliya Dimitrova (producer of the film and my fair-lady) suggested to post an ad and to try and sell it. That is how we met Peter Dimitrov. He came, looked at the piano, played on it for a while and said "I strongly suggest you don’t sell this one. It is an amazing instrument. You need to preserve it and that is all." We didn’t know what to do, so he suggested for us to think on that and left. We took our time and decided to move forward and sell it. At least someone who wanted to play would use it (a child has it now). This is when Peter came with his guys and just like an orchestra conductor, he commanded the guys together with the piano on the stairways, and in just few minutes, they moved it out of the apartment and on the block to load it onto their van. We were blown away by what we just saw and happy that the piano was no longer there. That is when the idea came up, of course not by me… by Rozaliya who was out of her body at this moment. She said that I have to make a film about the guy! I had just finished Getting Fat in a Healthy Way and wasn’t quite into documentary filmmaking at all. To be quite honest, I was scared to make non-fiction work, and I said "no way. I am fiction filmmaker! I won’t do a documentary. Absolutely no!" She was quite persuasive and I said YES at the end. This is how it all started!


About the Artist

Kevork Aslanyan is a filmmaker based in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated with a BA in Film and TV editing at The National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2009. In 2012, Kevork graduated from The London Film Academy as a writer & director. He is well known for his work as an editor on feature films such as ZIFT (2008), FOOTSTEPS IN THE SAND (2009) and SHELTER (2010). He made his directorial debut with the short film GETTING FAT IN A HEALTHY WAY (2015). BALKAN ROYAL (2016) is his second short documentary film is called.

More of Kevork's work can be seen on Vimeo