Pharmacos (Φάρμακον) was a very daring and difficult low-budget project. It was filmed in one night and in one place. The light was designed for connecting the spectator to the protagonist’s emotional state. I wanted to tell a story that shows the human frailty in an unclear way. I wanted to talk about how the dirt of our society can affect our lives and how we can still find antidotes, which can protect us. The film doesn’t tell a love story, it tells how an escape route is easy to find, but at the same time how it is easy to lose. It is a formative story without an happy ending.

About the Artist

Priscilla Santinelli was born in 1987 in a seaside town in Italy. She is Gemini - Pisces ascendant which means that she has four different personalities and obviously four thoughts about everything. She is an 80’s movies lover and believes in karma theory. She is eclectic and ever-evolving.

Priscilla has been a video director since 2014 after Graduating from IED in Milan. She has performed all the training steps from production to directors assistant, to have a 360 degree view of film production to then go forward to develop her natural talent as a director. In 2015, Priscilla won the Milano FashionFilm Festival as New Italian Talent

She is on a constant look for perpetual incitement and inspiration : thanks to her love of books, art, movies, TV series and all things that surrounds her. She has developed a personal style and a personal taste that evolves through the use of new techniques and the desire to confront and learn from other professional figures in the film industry.

If one were to describe she in one word: a human oxymoron.

More of Priscilla’s work can be seen on Instagram and on Vimeo

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