The Gates

The music video The Gates for Young Empires was a a crazy journey. Amos LeBlanc asked me if I wanted to fly down to LA and shoot a music video with mostly documentary qualities. We spent a week planning the video, where we were going to travel and any specific locations along our route from LA to Dallas Texas. The video was meant to use the severe drought being experienced in the Southern states as a conduit to show the struggle and faith (or lack there of) of the American people living through it.

The people appearing in the film aren’t actors, they’re all people we met randomly or just that day for the first time. I was blown away by the openness people had towards us. Many brought us into their lives and gave us an intimate glimpse into their worlds that I wasn’t expecting. It probably helped that it was just Amos, myself, and our producer: We traveled for a week across the southern US and this video is the result of that.

About the Artist

Christopher Lew is a Canadian born cinematographer drawn to character driven narratives that call for an honest and striking visual approach. His ultimate goal is to move audiences emotionally through powerful photography. Always looking for the truth in an image, Christopher brings a sensitivity to his work that he uses to tell meaningful stories.

More of Chris’ work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

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