The Wall

The Wall was a challenging shoot. Andrew De Zen, the writer and director of the filmm approached me to shoot a short film that was part of a larger series of films he had written. This one focused on athletes and sport, which were used as a conduit to visualize the mental walls we face within ourselves. The crew was tiny, and we had a lot of locations in a short period of time. There were a lot of mornings that started at the crack of dawn and went late into the night. It was hard, but it was one of those projects that was down and dirty, which brought everyone close. We shot the film on 35mm on my Arri 435. Andrew and I clashed a number of times creatively during the shoot, which in the end, made the film stronger.

About the Artist

Christopher Lew is a Canadian born cinematographer drawn to character driven narratives that call for an honest and striking visual approach. His ultimate goal is to move audiences emotionally through powerful photography. Always looking for the truth in an image, Christopher brings a sensitivity to his work that he uses to tell meaningful stories.

More of Chris’ work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

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