Make Me Feel

I’m so proud of the work my community is creating lately. If the stuff we are helping to put out into culture has positive reverberations while being sexy and full of joy then we are winning.

My main focus on the shoot was the lighting on Janelle. She is so powerful, most my time is spent helping to capture that power and energy via the right kind of light and color. The challenge isn’t making her look beautiful, she does that on her own with ease. The joyful challenge is creating images that resonate with the right kind of sexuality and joy and strength that she is putting out.

My gaffer Josh Hensley and I used an array of Digital Sputniks in various capacities, setting color mixes wirelessly and then refining micro color tweaks on Janelle’s skin right before shooting. We use big units so we can have very soft lights while still having a lot of contrast. I don't normally like fill light, I'd rather wrap the key light instead of adding another source.

About the Artist

Todd Banhazl is a director of photography specializing in music video and other commercial work. His prior work includes shooting music videos for artists such as Lorde and Miley Cyrus, as well as commercials for clients including Samsung and Converse.

More of Todd's work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

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