It was all about pre-production on this project. I went to Bangkok a few days earlier than usual to see locations and look at reference ideas with director Ugo. By the time the shoot came around we had fully work-shopped each shot with the colour pallet of the styling and the colour pallet of locations in mind. 

It wasn’t the kind of shoot that had a lot different angles for each scene, it was more precise and planned. The first shot of the video was on a tiny rooftop at 5am, not much in the way of safety but it was the only way to get the right angle on Juju the model. There was some light from the advertising billboards at street level, so Liam Morgan (the gaffer) and I put up 1 soft red lamp to light her face as if from a neon sign. The red works nicely against the blue of the morning. 

The casting was good on this project: unique diverse women, unusual looking women. It’s good that fashion has embraced that recently, there’s more of a focus on individuality. The styling too, bold colours, strong looks. 

I’ve shot in Bangkok a couple of times. It has some great crew and cast. It’s nice to shoot in Asia, it feels like there’s less bureaucracy and I think you can feel that on screen. All in all, it was a pleasure to shoot. I’d like to shoot more fashion. I’m glad the video has done so well.

About the Artist

Joe Cook is a director of photography based out of London. Known for his nostalgiac style, he has shot for clients such as SuperDry, Samsung, and Skoda.


More of Joe's work can be seen on his Website

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