Broke & Drunk

This was the first underwater music video for the director and myself. The director had some experience operating on some other underwater projects, so he brought along a great technical knowledge and skill in switching between oping and directing. It was a very long one day shoot to get everything, but am quite proud of how the images turned out. The video was split into roughly 3 sections. One B&W scene where we played with the high contrast caustic light patterns, one with a golden spotlight rigged over the water, and then one with her laying down half-submerged in water in a baby pool with a remote head above spinning 360. It was also very cold out when we filmed this, and the singer was quite intrepid to lip-sync underwater amongst all the floating fabrics and strobing lights.

About the Artist

Tyler McGrath is a Canadian based cinematographer. His curiosity for image making began in his childhood by playing with optics in his father’s optometry office. He went on to study cinematography at the University of British Columbia, and now combines his technical skills with visual experimentation. Tyler passionately works full time shooting projects around the world for clients such as Vogue Spain, Diesel Shanghai, Lululemon, Lenovo, and Heineken, while keeping a growing portfolio of personal work.


More of Tyler's work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

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