Lululemon SS18

For this spot we wanted to film water interacting with the jacket in an imaginative way. To create the water effects, I used a snorkel system with an assortment of specialty underwater lenses, which allowed me to maneuver the camera into unique positions. I found the underwater distortions quite beautiful and also played with the angle to get the effect where it looked like the talent was walking on water. One of the lens’ focal plane was the lens element itself, which made for an interesting image in which the water droplets on the lens could be in focus as she wipes them off. Then for other moments, I used various glass tools in the foreground to blend the distinction between the jacket and water. It’s an instinctual process shooting these moments, and I feel the images end up having more of a personality and resonances in them. 


About the Artist

Tyler McGrath is a Canadian based cinematographer. His curiosity for image making began in his childhood by playing with optics in his father’s optometry office. He went on to study cinematography at the University of British Columbia, and now combines his technical skills with visual experimentation. Tyler passionately works full time shooting projects around the world for clients such as Vogue Spain, Diesel Shanghai, Lululemon, Lenovo, and Heineken, while keeping a growing portfolio of personal work.


More of Tyler's work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

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