Nothing Beats a Londoner

Working with the Megaforce on this film was a real pleasure. We had a 14 days shoot in London in so many different locations. The directors shot a very precise previsualization on an iPhone, so we were able to see directly on the recorder on set if the shots were working out. Joe Guest, the editor, was also on set to help finalize the rhythm. 

As we shot on Super 16 for 90% of the ad, we had to wait until the next day to see the final images that we were getting. It can be tricky on set when the video tape from the film camera shows a very dark image on the monitor. You have to reassure everyone that the exposure is ok, even if the monitor says the opposite. The agency, Wieden+Kennedy London, was a big support on shooting film and it really helped to give a special look to the images. 

Shooting film was a thrill and the slow come back of that medium that we see nowadays is another tool in the creative process, which is a great news. 

About the Artist

Nicolas Loir is a director of photography based out of Paris, France who is known for his style of natural eclecticism. Nicolas has established himself as one of the premier french cinematographers shooting for clients such as YSL, L'oréal, Audi, and M83.

More of Nicolas's work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

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