Perfect One

As with some other works I did for Premier, this was a collaboration in terms of entering a world of looks created by Paul Rowland. I spent a lot of time with location scouting,
and even more time in the edit. I tried to create the atmosphere of a quite, claustrophobic,
adolescent world with pop culture references, symbolism and tension. I was thinking Kids by
Larry Clark and also Ms 45 by Abel Ferrara and my own East-European school years combined
with my fantasy of English boarding schools! By the way, I absolutely enjoy working with talented new faces. Hannah Motler in particular is a super special talent with a long career ahead!


About the Artist

Boldizsár is self taught filmmaker with a background in video art and sociology. Born and raised in Budapest, he drew on his love of classic and avant-garde film-making and began to develop his own rich style. Moving from art film into more broadly narrative pieces as a director, Boldizsár manages to maintain the visual richness of his early work and a new mature venture into storytelling. He has been introduced to the Fashion world by Katy Barker. He now collaborates with artists, musicians and brands to create beautiful and engaging filmic content, and has recently collaborated with Valentino, Tory Burch for Italian Vogue, Chloe, Numero and Another. He also works with Death in Vegas on a regular basis.


More of Boldizsár's work can be seen on his Website and on Instagram

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